dissabte, 22 de gener de 2022

Coherència, per bé i per mal (a propòsit de Boris Johnson)

The Economist sobre Boris Johnson: "What did you expect from Boris Johnson?".

La seva tesi: si sempre ha estat un mentider, per què hauríem d'esperar que ara actués de forma diferent?

Boris Johnson lies often and easily. It is the hallmark of his career. He was fired from his first job, at the Times, for fabricating a quote. As a condition of becoming editor of the Spectator he promised not to stand as an mp, and then promptly did just that. As a shadow minister, he was fired by Michael Howard for lying about an affair. (He later divorced after a few more.) While mayor of London, he said numerous times that he would not stand in the 2015 election, only to turn up as a candidate in Uxbridge.

I els votants culpables.

If voters are souring on Mr Johnson, they only have themselves to blame. The prime minister is not a monarch. In 2019 he won 43.6% of the vote, the biggest share since Margaret Thatcher. Mr Johnson is in Downing Street because just under half the country ticked a box next to a Conservative’s name. Voters are adults. They knew what they were voting for, and they voted for what they got.

Molt cert. I també que en aquell moment ja els hi anava bé i també que l'alternativa no estava a l'alçada.

Lliçó política i també de vida. Si algú sempre ha actuat de la mateixa forma, què fa pensar que ara serà diferent?