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"The Powerful and the Damned: Private Diaries in Turbulent Times" de Lionel Barber

Memòries de l'antic director del Financial Times. Molt interessant per conèixer les relacions de poder "de debò" (la darrera entrevista que va fer va ser a Merkel...) i el procés de transformació dels diaris en els darrers 10 anys.

Moltes reflexions interessants, com aquesta que fa al final sobre el futur de la pemsa:

Newspapers will gradually become quaint relics. In their place, digital-first news organisations must find ways to make money but also to be heard above the din of hyperpartisanship. These news providers will depend on sugar daddies, the new Hearsts and Pulitzers. But they will also, hopefully, find support among philanthropic foundations and other sources of funding distinct from advertising. New forms of ownership and collaboration between news organisations will appear, driven by the need to reduce costs and to produce journalism in the most efficient manner possible. This is ‘news on demand’, delivered directly to the reader at any time, in any form.

I curiós també aquesta condescendència i superioritat moral amb els polítics "de dretes" (veig que és un mal força estés arreu), ell amb Boris Johnson:

I still find it hard to believe that Boris Johnson has made it to Downing Street. He was an agreeable buffoon in Brussels as the Daily Telegraph correspondent, though adept at hiding his ambition. Maybe that’s why we never took him seriously, even when he was mayor of London. Big mistake.

I una altra reflexió al final a l'analitzar la resposta dels governants al Covid (i a la seva manca d'estratègia conjunta):

We lived, truly, in a leaderless world.

Doncs això, lectura recomanda

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