dimarts, 21 de maig de 2013

Les 20 marques més valuoses del món

Anàlisi de BrandZ i Millward Brown Optimor publicat per Business Insider ("The 20 Most Valuable Brands In The World").

El número 1 és, efectivament, Apple.
Brand Value: $185 billion 
Percent Change v. 2012: 1% 
What Happened: In spite of harsh Wall Street analysis and media speculation regarding Tim Cook's leadership capabilities, Apple continues to be a strong brand in the eyes of consumers — a major value measurement for Millward Brown. "Despite what the press says and stock market says," Yuan noted, "Apple in the eyes of the consumers is the gold standard." 
In the last eight years, Apple's value has increased 1,045% — only topped by Subway's meteoric 5,145% rise. (Although Subway still hasn't broken the top 20.)
La 2 és Google.  I la sorpresa (per a mi): Coca-Cola és la 5, superada per IBM i McDonald's (clicka aquí per veure tota la llista).

I un apunt sobre la metodologia.
(...) the company ranks brands based not only on publicly available financial information, but "the second half, which is the unique part, is that we take in the consumer sentiment." Millward Brown polls more than 200 million consumers from 43 countries annually. In spite of everything, "Apple, in the eyes of consumers, is the gold standard."