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Informe recomanat: "Venture Capital in Catalonia. The Underused Economic Growth Factor"

Imprescindible si t'interessa el capital risc a Catalunya.

Dos alumnes de la Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF), Oriol Valentí i Sílvia Corbella, han escrit com a treball final de carrera l'estudi "Venture Capital in Catalonia. The Underused Economic Growth Factor".

Aquest és el resum (abstract):
Venture capital only started to flourish in Catalonia in the early 2000’s. Nowadays more than ten funds operate continuously in our country, thus generating a snowball effect from which our economy benefits. This paper purports to make a broad overview over the venture capital industry in Catalonia in order to, first, analyse its main problems to make it become a genuine growth factor and, then, suggest some possible solutions.
Pots llegir l'estudi a través de Slideshare:

Crec que és un estudi extremadament interessant i complert: explica els avantatges del capital risc per a l'economia, els principals problemes que té aquesta indústria a Catalunya i, el més important, fa recomanacions concretes (que espero que algú escolti i implanti!).

Un parell de paràgrafs de les conclusions:
(...) there are some strong drawbacks that deter the industry to fully develop and become as successful as, say, Israel, with which we share many macroeconomic indicators. In this sense, it is the “underused economic growth factor” in our country. Some of these problems are the lack of entrepreneurial culture and execution capacity of good ideas, the lack of track record due to the short industry’s age and thus the difficulty to raise new funds, the tax and legal framework of capital backed companies, and exit problems for the venture capitalists.  
This final thesis has suggested some specific solutions to allow the venture capital industry become a genuine economic development force. Amongst others, we would highlight the need to build up our start-up incubator model similar to the Israeli one, to target international start-up managers and attract them to Barcelona, to increase entrepreneurial education in scientific and technological universities, to create a more flexible and favourable legal and tax framework for start-ups, or to financially support secondary markets.
Doncs això, molt interessant i recomanat (i una mostra del talent dels estudiants del nostre país i, en aquest cas concret, a la UPF).

Si vols contactar als autors ho pots fer a oriol.valenti@gmail.com i silviacb_89@hotmail.com.

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