dimarts, 10 de maig de 2011

Pla per Grècia: reestructuració del deute & sortida de l'euro (III)

Article interessant al New York Times que explica els avantatges per Grècia per abandonar l'euro ("Why Greece Should Reject the Euro").

Compara Argentina i Grècia:

The main reason for Argentina’s rapid recovery was that it was finally freed from adhering to fiscal and monetary policies that stifled growth. The same would be true for Greece if it were to drop the euro. Greece would also get a boost from the devaluation’s effect on the trade balance (as Argentina did for the first six months of recovery), since its exports would be more competitive, and imports would be more expensive.

I una perspectiva sobre si Grècia vol crèixer en un futur:

But the bottom line is that Greece cannot afford to settle for any deal that does not allow it to grow and make its way out of the recession. Loans that require what economists call “pro-cyclical” policies — cutting spending and raising taxes in the face of recession — should be off the table. The attempt to shrink Greece’s way out has failed. If that’s all that the European authorities have to offer, then it is time for Greece, and perhaps others, to say goodbye to the euro.

Una reflexió (interessant) més.