diumenge, 13 de març de 2011

La tortura i el NYT

(Via Grasping Reality with Both Hands).

M'agrada molt el NYT, però un exemple de doble moral més que qüestionable ("NYT and "torture": Searching for a justification" de Glenn Greenwald): el NYT no utilitza la paraula "tortura" per definir la tècnica interrogatòria de simular que s'ofega a una persona ("waterboarding") quan ho feia l'administració Bush. L'argument:

I have resisted using torture without qualification or to describe all the techniques. Exactly what constitutes torture continues to be a matter of debate and hasn’t been resolved by a court. This president and this attorney general say waterboarding is torture, but the previous president and attorney general said it is not. On what basis should a newspaper render its own verdict, short of charges being filed or a legal judgment rendered?

Però si ho fan els Nazis sí que és tortura (d'un article publicat fa només uns dies):

As a hero of the French Resistance, Stéphane Hessel was in exile with Charles de Gaulle in London, imprisoned in concentration camps, waterboarded in Nazi torture sessions and saved from hanging by swapping identities with an inmate who had died of typhus. . . . Asked how he survived torture, he said, "The third time of waterboarding, I said, 'Now, I’ll tell you.' And I told them a lie of course." He added: "One survives torture. So many people unfortunately have been tortured. But it's not a thing to recommend."

Dit això, recomano el NYT. I si tens poc temps i només vols llegir algun article de tant en tant, recomano anar directament als "Most Popular" (està al costat dret, has de baixar una mica).