diumenge, 14 de novembre de 2010

Nuclear vs. renovables

Publicat al Detroit News, "Nuclear power needed now" de Mark J. Perry (gran blog!):

To be sure, we also need to consider all forms of renewable energy as they become cost-effective, but the unavoidable truth is that nuclear plants occupy a small fraction of the land required for solar and wind power. And while nuclear plants produce electricity about 90 percent of the time, wind turbines generate power, on average, only 30 percent of the time and require back-up electricity from fossil fuel turbines on days when the weather isn't cooperating. Solar energy is less efficient, providing electricity only 20 percent of the time.

Del tema nuclears i renovables s'ha de parlar sense prejudicis ni demagògia (una modesta aportació fa un parell d'anys - "Nuclears? Parlem-ne").