dimarts, 2 de novembre de 2010

Mites (o no) sobre les relacions

Quatre mites sobre les relacions de parella ("4 Relationship Myths That Almost Everyone Perpetuates"):
  1. Opposites attract and are more likely to stay interesting to one another over the long haul
  2. A perfect relationship means no conflict
  3. Having separate lives keeps couples together long term.
  4. To be happy, you need to talk about relationship challenges and problems often
I sobre aquest darrer punt, una diferència entre els homes i les dones:

Women, as a rule, have a positive association with relationship talk; it makes them feel connected and happy. Men, on the other hand, do not enjoy relationship talk; it makes them feel blamed, worried, and distressed.

I sobre les parelles que són felices a llarg termini, un element clau és tenir expecatives realistes (!?):

To take your relationship from good to great, it's essential to transform unrealistic expectations -- the ones that rarely get met and then cause you frustration, anger, sadness, hurt, and other negative emotions -- into more realistic versions that will be met. One of the best ways to do that is to stop relying on myths and look at facts instead.

Tot això segons aquesta dona, la doctora Terri Orbuch. Almenys val la pena pensar-hi. Comentaris?