dissabte, 13 de setembre de 2008

Frases de la setmana

Setmana 8 setembre

El veritable patriotisme odia la injustícia en la seva pròpia terra més que qualsevol altra cosa
-- Clarence Seward Darrow

Importa mucho más lo que tú piensas de ti mismo que lo que los otros opinen de ti.
-- Séneca

No et creguis mai els consells d'un home amb dificultats
-- Aesop

Suggerides pel Jaume Soler des de NY (un pèl militaristes aquesta setmana...)
If we lose the moral legitimacy we are going to lose the war
-- General Petraeus, parlant de la guerra d'Irak:

Don't put lipstick on the pig
-- General Petraeus, parlant de la guerra d'Irak

Tactics -both those of the enemy and our own- constantly change, and the winning side is generally that which learns faster"
-- General Petraeus, parlant de la guerra d'Irak

We need to stop thinking about what the enemy can do to us and start thinking what we can do to the enemy
-- General Grant

Grant literally has his back to the river -the whole army has its back to the river. He is in the rain, because the only place with shelter was full of wounded people who were obviously crying out... The rain's dripping off his hat, and he's got this soggy cigar, as he always did. Sherman comes up and says, basically, 'Well, we had a tough day today, Grant.' And Grant says, 'Yup. Lick 'em tomorrow, though.
-- Petraeus parlant del general Grant